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Our buttermold pieces are offered mostly as a decorative wall plaque cast in hydrastone and stained to look like wood.  Each piece is an exact replica of our original in detail and size.  We have categorized the molds into five different sizes and price points.  Included as part of the wall plaque series are some European cookie and springerle molds which are distinguished by the use of CM before the item number (eg., CM1 which is a small rectangular rose).  In the "super" size category, there is a very wide range of sizes and that is reflected by a wide range of price based on size.  Our woodtone product is meant to be decorative only and should not be used on food goods such as butter or cookie dough. They may be used for different kinds of craft projects such as salt dough ornaments, paper casting, etc.  These castings create an interesting focal point on the wall especially when hung in a collage type of grouping.

Buttermold Plaques   

bulletWe currently offer over one hundred wall plaque designs from our antique butterstamps and cookie molds.


Beeswax Ornaments  

bulletOur beeswax ornaments are made of 100% beeswax to which we add a rich cranberry color and a heavy dose of pure cinnamon oil.  Beeswax has a very high melting point (140 + degrees) so we recommend hanging it on your Christmas tree right next to the lights or in a warm area of your home.  The warmer the space, the stronger the scent.  Beeswax is light weight so do not be afraid to order the larger sized pieces; they will not weigh down your branches.  Many of our patterns are made from cookie, chocolate and candy molds, both modern and antique.  The pieces are amazingly detailed and beautiful.  Each piece comes with a small card of explanation about the history and the care of beeswax.


Wafer Molds   


The originals of these decorative wall plaques are flat, cast iron pieces used to make thin wafer cookies.  While the antique purist will most likely prefer the plain black look, we also offer them in black with gold highlighting of the design.  The pattern does show up better with the gold.

Food-Safe Molds

bulletOver the years, we had many requests to be able to use our molds to decorate butter or cookie dough but, because of the oil-based stain, the wood-tones and black wafer molds should NOT be used with food.  Recently we started producing some of our butterpat-sized and small molds as a food-safe piece.  These are also made of hydrastone but left unstained.  We set a small handle into the back and coat them with an FDA approved food-safe glaze.  These pieces come packaged with directions for use with either butter or cookie dough.

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